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Worker operating and working on the roof with the help of a crane forklift


Are you working on an industrial, residential or commercial construction project and are searching for professional crane services in Manitoba? Willm’s Craning Ltd manages all the work related to moving, lifting, and transporting machines, goods, and materials on a construction site. Our laborers are well-trained and handle cranes remotely for faster and smoother operation. We use knuckle boom cranes as they are fast to set up and take down and they assist in completing the work quickly and efficiently. Connect with us for more information.

Worker assisting in moving cargo with the help of a crane truck


Here are some of the reasons we are the preferred riggers in Manitoba :

  • Specialized, job-specific rigging

  • Safety and training are our top priority

  • We undertake job hazard analysis before each job

  • We ensure the safety of the job from start to finish

  • The cranes are remotely operated for accurate operation and safety

Crane truck assisting in a job on top of a residential home in snow


We handle the complete process, from transportation, permitting, and traffic control.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Professional, Friendly and Well Done

Your company's recent work at the Winnipeg Railway Museum was professional, friendly and well done. In addition to the obvious priority of safety, your team showed a respectful duty of care around our public displays and treasured railroad artifacts. As well, your attention to paperwork and procedure made everything go smoothly. Thank you.

- Harold Davis

  Director of Special Projects

  The Winnipeg Railway Museum

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