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Workers assisting in moving heavy machinery with forklift in a factory


Are you searching for machinery moving in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Northwestern Ontario? Then choose WCL and give us a call!  Our business is based on quality, safe, professional white-glove services for all of our customers. We use advanced rigging and equipment like forklifts, gantries, and electric stair climbers to move machines and objects of different sizes and weights. If you are setting up your industry or relocating your plant, our trained professionals will help move and place your equipment. Our services include loading and offloading goods and equipment from shipping containers to storage or deliver to site as required.


Reach out to us if you require skilled trusted, reliable, and moving professionals.

Forklift assisting in moving heavy machinery in a factory


We are experts in moving. Reasons why customers come back to us again and again:

  • Experience moving, relocating, and installing a variety of new and used commercial and industrial machinery of nearly any type, size, or weight

  • Whether it is a newly purchased machine or an entire shop move, we ensure your valuable assets are placed safely

  • Full plant relocations

  • Site safety is our top priority 

  • Best-in-class transportation services

  • Export crating and domestic packaging

Worker moving heavy machinery with the help of a forklift


Get a smooth industrial moving solution as we offer safe loading and offloading,

moving and placement of machines.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Professional, Friendly and Well Done

Your company's recent work at the Winnipeg Railway Museum was professional, friendly and well done. In addition to the obvious priority of safety, your team showed a respectful duty of care around our public displays and treasured railroad artifacts. As well, your attention to paperwork and procedure made everything go smoothly. Thank you.

- Harold Davis

  Director of Special Projects

  The Winnipeg Railway Museum

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