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Large equipment and cranes


As a reputable machinery moving and rigging company in Manitoba, Willm’s Craning Ltd has worked for many industries. Our vast clientele includes manufacturing businesses, machine shops, food & beverage companies, medical and healthcare enterprises, and many more. Going through our portfolio, you get an idea of the work performed by our professionals. Browse through our gallery of photos and videos, get inspired and call us for a service!

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Professional, Friendly and Well Done

Your company's recent work at the Winnipeg Railway Museum was professional, friendly and well done. In addition to the obvious priority of safety, your team showed a respectful duty of care around our public displays and treasured railroad artifacts. As well, your attention to paperwork and procedure made everything go smoothly. Thank you.

- Harold Davis

  Director of Special Projects

  The Winnipeg Railway Museum

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